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Q: Microjournalism?
A: “News has always come
in different sizes.”

(Cohen, N. (2008, February 1).
Microjournalism is born. New York Times.)
“We are going to see tons of this, reporters going solo because they have no choice, over the next couple years. So we’d better get busy building the tools that will make this model scale.” — F. Wilson. McNally, S. (11 January, 2009). Traditional and “Micro” Journalism. Forbes.
Q: So, you’re a journalist?
A: No, I’m not.

Q: What is this?
A: It’s my desk.
My desk is an ephemeral space. On it are pictures that I have drawn, topics that I have studied, causes that I have been a part of, and other “miffmaff.” The desk has a newspaper-y, magazine-y character because those are the sorts of construction tools that I have in my toolbox. Here at my desk I spend time wondering “what’s interesting?” And then, “what’s inspiring?”
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