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Ghost music: the demaking of an invisible universe.

Social media performance: Artist, Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas, retweeted.

Gitga’at women install a symbolic blockade across the Douglas Channel—in crochet.

Outrageous art of the Japanese truck drivin’ maverick.

Generative: the art that makes itself.

“I haven’t made a huge rabbit, I have made a smaller world.”

Social media performance: Artist, Christi Belcourt, retweeted.

Bee crashes: trucks and hives.

Fritz Lang’s Metropolis: the story of a film as the story of a city.

Fibre Arts, craftivism, and the horrendously adorable macramé owl.

A story in pins: “Snowglobe Jailbreak.”

Monuments, memory and the new museums: Canadian Museum for Human Rights.

Claude Monet and the science of not-seeing.

Auto-debris: monumental recycling of wrecks.

Subterranean humans: the strangely spiritual art of inhabiting underground spaces.

Las magnolias iracundas: murals of San Francisco’s Mujeres Muralistas.

Insect photography: Teeny tiny observations.

Contrast, dynamics, and the vibrant “space between.”

Collage art origins: the Dada knife of Hannah Höch.

“Everything starts from a dot.” —Wassily Kandinsky.