Social media performance: Artist, Christi Belcourt, retweeted.

Display card: Christi Belcourt, Artist

With the artist’s permission, on the evening of May 21 I performed a social media event featuring the art and practice of Christi Belcourt, artist and activist. To preserve the artist’s voice and intentions, I retweeted a large number of her own photo tweets chronologically. I also created a display card which I retweeted at intervals, to introduce the activity to anyone who started observing it somewhere near the middle. This surprise event was carried out over the course of an hour with no introductory or final statement to explain it—it simply “was.”

At about 7:30 pm, May 21, 2014…
“I love painting. In my next life though, I’m gonna be a documentary film maker. Lotta stories 2be told.” — Christi Belcourt.
The final word.

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